I feel like there is too many stories trapped in me

They won’t leave

They just scream

Inside of me

I need to shout

‘Cause I want to get them out

But I can not

They created the plot

I am stuck with my thoughts. I just want to write but my head is so full of stories that I can’t get them out. This isn’t a lack of inspiration as I told. This is me drowning in my own thoughts because the unwritten stories I have in me are everywhere. They are the thunder in my heart, the knot in my chest and the ache in my bones. They flow with my blood, they live inside of my head and they breathe the same air I do. All I can hear is silence and it’s so loud. It’s screaming without a voice.



The reason why I keep my feelings to my self, is because it is so hard to explain them. I am in the mood where nothing’s really wrong, but nothing feels right either. I am trapped by my own mind but it’s okay. It is frustrating to feel so empty and too full at the same time but I know this is temporary. Some day this will turn into something great. And I won’t stop writing because it is my passion and the thing what saves me from the world. It’s amazing to feel like I am somewhere else when I write. And after all this reality is too boring for me so why not to make it a little bit more colorful. My goal isn’t to live forever. My goal is to create something that will. I don’t dream about it because it isn’t my dream, it is my plan.



– Minja-Milla

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