The village life


I am walking on the same tarmac as so many times before. I remember all the holes and cracks on the ground in which wild flowers grow. In the shop I am wondering who I should greet, who I know good enough and who is just someone I know from the face. I walk through the shelves knowing where to go. I can tell which shelf everything is on – at least I save some time. I walk past some elderly people talking about their mushrooms. At the counter, the seller remembers my family’s account number so I don’t have to remember the number combination.


On the way home I see a couple. I know their child’s name and I can also tell what their dog looks like, I almost remember the breed even I suck at those. I say hello to my neighbour when I reach the yard. He greets me back.



Later I go to the gym and see the same faces as always. They can probably remember my bench press and squat records. A couple of people are talking about the air conditioning, I have heard the same conversation a thousand times before. I finish my workout and head home. It’s already dim outside.


After eating I watch TV with my family and tell them about my day. I tease my sister and she giggles. I write my diary entry as I do every day. I wash my teeth and go to my room. I switch the lights off and try to sleep but I can’t. My head is full of ideas. I can think of so many places I want to photograph in and where I want to travel, at some point.


I feel like I’ve already seen this whole village and all the places here. I haven’t found anything new in ages.



I have so many opinions I want to share with someone. I have already told about all of those opinions to my parents and sister so they can’t help either. I really need new friends. I need people who I don’t know anything about and who don’t know anything about me. I put my thoughts in the memo of my phone hoping my poems would someday create something that would mean something to someone. At some point I fall asleep.


In the morning I put on an outfit. I eat my breakfast and pack my backpack. I brush my teeth again. I leave the same time my sister does and our parents wish us a good school day. I say goodbye to my sister in the school yard and head inside.



When the bell rings I go to the classroom. I sit at my place and when all of the others are inside teacher starts the lesson. I try to listen and focus, but the topic isn’t really interesting. The teacher is talking about things I already know. One of my classmates has a new shirt but I don’t say anything. You never know what kind of reception I would get. At some point I notice that no one really listens. They are too busy with their phones and chewing gum as always before.



After school I go to the library. There is the same librarian as always but she is nice so I don’t mind. There are no new books in the library. The shelves have the same covers as earlier. I take a book I’ve read before.



So this is a little story about the little town I live in. Even though everything is the same as always before, I am grateful. This little place has its good sides too – the seller remembers my family’s account number and I always feel safe. But I’ll be so happy to see the day I leave this place and the feeling I get when I come back.


– Minja-Milla<3

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