I find myself dreaming

Summer smells around me

The birds have flown to the garden and started singing

The wind catches the branches of that big birch

Makes the green leaves swinging

The swinging reminds me of the thousand tries

Of flying a kite

I want to see the whole world right now

In this moment

But I can’t

I have to wait

So I’ll wait

Not everything has to happen right now

Hasn’t it?



Beautiful small moments and things to enjoy in life:


1. Waking up to sunshine on your face

2. Coffee or tea in the morning

3. The moment when you realize that the day will be awesome

4. And the people who cheer you up when the day isn’t so good

5. Strangers smiling back to you

6. The moment when you realize that you made the right decision

7. Laughing so hard you cry

8. And when you can’t stop laughing

9. And when you start laughing harder just because of your own laughter

10. The moment you realize you did something you thought you couldn’t do



11. A nap when you really need one

12. Warm hugs

13. Beautiful lyrics

14. The smell of fresh air

15. Your favourite song coming on the radio

16. Inspiring photographs

17. Flowers and meadows

18. Butterflies

19. Dancing

20. The feeling you get after a workout



21. Rainy days

22. Swimming while raining

23. Your favourite show’s newest season being on Netflix

24. Exploring new places

25. Shower after a hard day

26. Delicious food

27. The window seat

28. A book you can’t put down

29. Feeling beautiful in your skin

30. Eating strawberries



31. Laying on the grass or snow and looking up at the stars

32. People around you

33. Making someone happy

34. Old photographs

35. Knowing all the words to a song

36. Your favourite pair of jeans

37. Meeting new people

38. Christmas lights

39. Sunsets

40. Sunrises



41. Playing board games

42. Winning at board game

43. Late nights with friends

44. Lighting candels

45. Thunderstorms

46. Funny movies

47. City lights on the street after it rained

48. Handwritten letters

49. Ice cream

50. The first snow of winter



51. Deep conversations

52. Biking

53. Birds chirping

54. Bubble wrap

55. Flipping over your pillow and feeling the cool side against your cheek

56. Going for a long walk

57. A stranger holding a door open for you

58. Holding the door open for a stranger

59. Sharing a secret smile with someone in a large group

60. The feeling you get when you relax your shoulders and realize how tense you were

61. Listening to rain as you fall asleep

62. Feeling confident


Thank you for reading. Have an amazing day. <3 - Minja-Milla

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