People are like colors.

Some dark, some light.

Some matte, some bright.

Some soft and some as sharp as a knife.



Some days you don’t find some shade beautiful at all

You can’t see anything good at it because it makes you fall

Into the memories and nightmares where you crawl

But you still want to believe

That there is something good in everyone

And the happy thing is that somebody else loves that shade with their full heart



Maybe your favorite color is blue

But when you see something different

You end up seeing it as beautiful too

And then you find out that the equality

Is everywhere around you



And sometimes you can not think of a change

From the familiar color to the strange

Because the old one feels like home

And you don’t want to roam

Without a destination



Eventually after all the mess

And the stress

You find it funny to admit

That you couldn’t even imagine

That two colors would split

Into a masterpiece like it

And quit

The pain bit by bit

– Minja-Milla I. <3  

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